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The AK

Akhil Kalepu is an electronic music producer and DJ from Philadelphia. A lifelong musician, Akhil was trained in classical violin before taking up the art of making and spinning records as The AK.

Refusing to follow genre conventions, Akhil’s DJ style involves an open format, mashup of various sounds across the electronic music spectrum. From techno to psy-trance to drum n bass to hip-hop, this unusual concoction takes listeners on a sonic roller coaster, firmly rooted in the spirit of rave.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America


House/Techno, Electronica, Open Format, Mashup,

Underground Dance, Psy-Trance, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Hip-Hop


Native Instruments Traktor Pro Software

Apple Macbook Pro Laptop

Native Instruments Traktor A10 Audio Interface

Allen & Heath Xone 96 Mixer

Allen & Heath Xone K2 Midi Controller x 2





DJ Booth Technical Rider

  • All sound and lighting equipment besides the DJ setup to be provided by venue

  • DJ console/table should provide space with at least the following dimensions:

    • 80cm wide

    • 70cm deep

  • 1x Xone 96/92 mixer or DJM 900 SRT2/SRT

  • Monitor speakers (preferably 2x, left and right, at least 300 watts)

  • If the DJ booth cannot accomodate Akhil Kalepu’s DJ setup, venue is to provide:

    • 2x (preferably 4x) CDJ 2000 or 900 Nexus (at least 2000 or 900 MK1)

    • 1x ethernet network hub with 5x ethernet cables connecting CDJ and DJM mixer

Stage Rider

  • 2x bottles of water

  • Absolutely NO ONE but sound or lighting technicians on stage or in the DJ booth during Akhil Kalepu’s performance unless otherwise authorized by artist or tour manager